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May. 7th, 2007 @ 06:57 pm *reminder invitation*
*REMINDER INVITATION*: i am going to give out a small number of signed copies of my LOOPTOPIA script at my performance THIS FRIDAY MAY 11TH - BUT if you'd like to print out YOUR OWN copy, please send me an email:

for LJ'ers who've said they are coming out, you can print out a copy to get a sort of sneak-peek (warning - it's 73 pages)...or use at as a read-along on that night.

you'll find me in the schedule going on at 10pm: THEATRE/NIGHTS OF WHISKEY AND ROSES - i'm performing as,

MARK40E (of course)

here's the link {LOOPTOPIA}...Friday May 11th,
downtown chicago. i'd love to see LJ represent!

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